Hello! Welcome to Cylorium™.

What is Cylorium™? - Cylorium™ is an art business focused on the beautifully creepy. Cylorium™ is an ecommerce business located in Southeast Missouri.

Who owns Cylorium™? - Cylorium™ was started in September 2019 by Collin Salvo. He wanted to have a store where he could separate his professional work from his creepy fun illustrations. Be sure to check more of his work on collinsalvo.com

Future of Cylorium™? - The goal of Cylorium™ is to house a multitude of themed items focused on original content. Collin wanted a place where the past, present, and future could unite. So going forward Cylorium™ will grow into a brand full of stories and characters that will jump off the page and into contextual merchandise. But to achieve this dream, Cylorium™ needs your help by growing a big community. So maybe, just maybe Cylorium™ could come to a town near you.

So follow Cylorium™, and let's all go on a journey.